SAPID Free Content Management Framework

SAPID CMF (Content Management Framework) is a framework for rapid creation of content-based Web 2.0 applications. SAPID CMF allows users to effectively organize new applications' data, structures, representations and functionality components (separation of concerns), with the added efficiency of reusable interface design.

CMS applications are designed to deliver a given set of services. Over time, new services are needed and old ones obsoleted and the typical CMS is incapable of addressing the changes. A CMS framework (CMF) has the advantage of providing a universal solution which enables you to construct a CMS your way, according to your preferences and needs. Such a framework must contain an understandable component model (file allocation), provide maximum reusable data and functionality patterns, and allow safe self-update.To be effective, it needs a toolkit for rapid creation of administration and site interfaces. SAPID CMF was developed to solve these tasks!

You can download and learn SAPID CMF right now! The distribution pack includes detailed documentation and ready examples, to demonstrate AJAX, OpenID, tooltips and mashed advertising, using samples of a catalog and a gallery.

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The framework provides the following benefits for Web application developers:

  • Flexible models for data, structures, representation and functionality templating using XML Sapiens markup language
  • Intuitive measurment component model, qualified MVC architecture
  • Capability for the system to be developed (plugins, skins, event-driven model of Aspect Oriented Programming)
  • Built-in light-weight AJAX framework and ability to apply third-party AJAX-frameworks
  • It contains API-libraries optimized for PHP4 and PHP5

SAPID CMF distribution pack contains samples of:

  • AJAX based registration/authorization form
  • OpenID authorization
  • Advertising places (GIF/Flash/DHTML/RichMedia)
  • IntelliTXT based advertising system
  • Tag clouds
  • Participatory architecture (commenting, voting on articles or comments)
  • Multi-layer photo gallery
  • eCommerce catalogue solution

Latest News

26 May 2010
Sapid CMF reload

Sapid CMF 2 is in progress. It is going to be a new explicit architecture, new features and microformat support

26 Jun 2008
SAPID CMF update to r.99 released

UTF-8 tags errors and record paths (href attribute) fixed. DocumentIsBeingDisplayed event monitor added. Textarea increased, user adding/deleting fixed.Fixed gap in AdoDb Lite. User creation fixed, Portuguese language added, autosaving of last selected filedset added.

8 Jan 2008
SAPID CMF update to r.85 released

AdoDB bridge warning fixed.

18 Dec 2007
SAPID CMF is available to download
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